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Stormwater Damage

Structural Report
Project: Industrial - Western Sydney

Pouring concrete? Need to leave formwork in place over the weekend? Make sure it’s not a drainage pit blocking stormwater lines and be sure to check the weather forecast as a storm might be brewing.

There was a huge mess to be cleaned up on Monday morning at this job. Storm water that should have flowed through these storm water pipes ended up through a 1000sqm+ industrial building and lower level mezzanine.

There are issues of cleaning, lost time and productivity to deal with, as well as determining and proving who is responsible.


Stormwater damage

Structural Design & Inspections
Project: New large residence - Eastern Sydney

Residential Structural Inspection

As with most projects the challenges are often hidden and many prior to starting the job.

Some of these challenges to date:

  • Heritage compliance requirements
  • Retaining an existing structure
  • Overland flow paths and drainage requirements
  • Site foundation material limitations

These were a few of the main issues we've assisted with.

The concrete to the ground floor slab was poured earlier this year – We’ll track and share its progress with you.


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