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Medium Density Projects



SIGA has had the privilege of being involved in providing engineering solutions for many interesting medium density projects. For your benefit, a selection of medium density case studies are available for review


Schofield - Medium Density Developments

Special Considerations / Challenges

  • As this project involved three different sites, with anywhere from 5 to 8 townhouses being built, the key objective focused not only on minimising costs but creating a standard way of doing the project that also complied with the Australian standards.
  • It was also critical to ensure that the flow of work on site proceeded without any obstacles. 
  • Getting a consistent and predictable result, no matter where the site is located.
  • Achieving a cost-effective methodology that is simple and easily duplicated for future projects.

The Siga Solution

  • Bridging the gap between the desired outcome of obtaining the most cost-effective way to construct the townhouses and working with the individual site locations.
  • Navigating through the red tape, staying on top of and ahead of any potential obstacles as well as providing the structural design for the piers, foundation slabs and steel beams and detention tanks were required.
  • Providing site inspections for the designed components, any additional items during construction and any further site specific requirements.
  • Discussions to determine suitable strategies towards the design and relevant construction processes.

Fairfield Heights – Medium Density Development

Special Considerations / Challenges

  • Waffle raft slab construction including foundation piers to all the units 
  • Very well presented townhouse/villa development
  • Negotiations with council for approval
  • Unusual site conditions

The SIGA Solution

  • Providing the initial design, including waffle raft, piering and structural steel beam design
  • Conducting all site inspections and certifications

Ryde - Walk up Units

Special Considerations /Challenges

  • Concrete beam & column design to lowest level
  • Simplification of inside to outside slab transition with the floor slab structural design & detailing
  • Satisfying special drainage requirements for corner block including mechanical pump out and on site detention

The SIGA Solution

  • Full structural design and documentation of all concrete foundations, ground floor upper level floor slabs and site retaining walls
  • Site inspections and certification of steel reinforcement to all design components (transition slab through out and professional advice on site during construction)