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SIGA provides site inspections including a visual inspection and discussions with involved parties on site to examine existing structure(s) and document areas of concern.

The intension is to identify structural or safety concerns and potential remedial action required. The results of the visual inspection and site discussions are subsequently summarised in a structural report.

The reason for a problem is usually readily identifiable and is discussed on site, as well as the recommended remedial action. The subsequent report further provides the added reassurance of a record of the discussions.

Structural reports are provided for a variety of clients (and of course owners of Industrial, Commercial or Industrial premises) including:

  • Strata Managers
  • Local Councils 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Domestic and Commercial Real Estate Agents 
  • Maintenance Contractors

The following are examples of projects where structural reports where required by our clients.


Wetherill Park – The leaning fence

Special Considerations / Challenges

  • With regards to the fence, safety was of primary importance.
  • Although it was unlikely to fall, the fence needed to be propped whilst a suitable solution was determined.
  • As is so often the problem with retaining walls, the key challenge was the drainage.
  • Therefore, it needed to be demolished and rebuilt or a suitable alternative which needed to be both feasible and approved by Council.

The SIGA Solution

  • Initial structural assessment and provision of report and details for propping.
  • Suggested options for design solution.
  • Preparing design solution for consideration by Council.

Glenorie – Footing Repair

Special Considerations / Challenges

  • To provide the builder with a finished product that would be at least equal to, if not better than, the original intended works.
  • Ensuring that all repairs to footings complied with relevant standards.
  • Identifying the most suitable option to adopt for the repair.
  • The footings to this project were initially poured with insufficient cover to the reinforcement. 

The Siga Solution

  • Topping the existing footings was deemed the most suitable solution.
  • Site inspections, professional discussions, preparation of relevant structural reports.
  • Documentation of remedial repair details.
  • Inspections during topping pour.
  • Inspection of completed works and review of concrete core results.

Parramatta - Repairs to Concrete Degradation

Special Considerations /Challenges

  • Concrete cancer had affected the underside of the walkway to the weir and Siga was contracted to provide instructions on the rectification works. Pedestrian access of the walkway during the repairs needed to be considered as was flooding to the weir when it rains!

The SIGA Solution

  • Determining suitable solutions and material with the builder to cater for the submerged environment that the repairs would be exposed to.

Redfern - Structural Integrity

Special Considerations /Challenges

  • This building was a major investment for the intending purchaser who wanted reassurance that the building didn’t have any hidden significant structural concerns.

The SIGA Solution

  • Provided a visual examination of the building. Subsequent report prepared commenting on the areas of concern including existing cracks in brickwork along with any potential items of concern such as the ageing existing roof and floors.

Bellevue Hill - Structural Opinion

Special Considerations /Challenges

  • Retaining wall failure

The SIGA Solution

  • Provided professional discussions and advice on site and a subsequent report detailing our view that the failure occurred as a result of excavations next to the wall, combined with poor initial design for the load conditions.