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Structural Report - Remediation

Project: Industrial - Western Sydney

The concrete retaining wall to this industrial development has rotated from its original position.

What has caused this rotation? What should be done as an initial make safe? What are the initial expected remedial procedures?  

The make safe alone requires careful attention involving propping, interference with turning circles and restrictions of access.

I'll keep you posted with the progress of this project.

Structural Engineering

Structural Inspection - Certification

Project: Residential - Western Sydney

Inspections are often routine to large residential dwelling/house waffle raft slab footing reinforcement. When the steel reinforcement was inspected for this project, it produced a number of challenges greater than normally expected.

One of the most significant was the pods needed to be aligned – you may be able to tell in the first photo below.

The pods and other items were instructed to be fixed prior to approval. All part of the service.


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