Projects & Services

SIGA offers a wide range of structural engineering services

Projects and Services


Industrial Services

SIGA has provided engineering solutions in the commercial and industrial fields. Industrial projects typically include warehouse or storage buildings and construction methods may include tilt-up panel, steel portal frame, pre-cast concrete, masonry or often a combination of these.

Medium Density Projects

SIGA has had the privilege of being involved in providing engineering solutions for many interesting medium density projects. For your benefit, a selection of medium density case studies are available for review.

Commercial Projects

When you require assistance with commercial buildings such as office buildings or retail outlets, then consider engaging SIGA. To give you a complete picture of all of our capabilities, we have documented institutional projects including a new school building in this category.


SIGA provides site inspections including a visual inspection and discussions with involved parties on site to examine existing structure(s) and document areas of concern.

Structural reports are provided for a variety of clients (and of course owners of Industrial, Commercial or Industrial premises) including:

  • Strata Managers
  • Local Councils 
  • Insurance Companies 
  • Domestic and Commercial Real Estate Agents 
  • Maintenance Contractors

Residential projects

Over many years SIGA has had the privilege of being involved in providing engineering solutions for several interesting residential projects. For your benefit, a selection of residential case studies are available for review


Another service provided by SIGA is the inspection and certification of various routine components of projects. 

Site inspections of work designed in our office are conducted to confirm that what is on site is in compliance with our design specifications. This is a vital component of making sure that projects flow smoothly and is additional assurance that the work completed on site will perform the job that is intended.

Checking that the work on site meets the design requirements is usually the easy part. You also get is the benefit of our expertise should your project encounter problems. The right advice will save you time and money.