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Newsletter archives

Below are some of our archived newsletters reproduced in the convenient PDF format for you to download.

- December 2012 - Structural Integrity. Installing cooling units for refrigeration can be a challenge in existing industrial buildings.

- October 2012 - Structural Adequacy & Workplace Safety. Things may have worked well to date. Ensuring they continue to do so in future sometimes takes some thought and effort. Well worth it to raise safety levels.

- August 2012 - Your Can't Stop Development. In a relatively slower building market, the challenge to contribute to the cost effectiveness of this development was even greater.

- June 2012 - Time is Money. Disruption to operation can be a costly consequence to a minor human error. We assisted by finding/coordinating a proper solution rather than a quick fix – avoiding further disruption and cost.

- April 2012 - Asset Maintenance. Cracks in brickwork can be unsightly and detract from the value of a building. How brickwork growth cracks are commonly dealt with is shown.

- February 2012 - After a Fire… What Can Be Salvaged? The challenge was to determine what was salvageable and how best to move forward.

- December 2011 - Asset Maintenance. A nice old building had deteriorated rather rapidly. This news letter shows the before photos. To the credit of all who contributed, the job was completed successfully.

- October 2011 - Forensic Engineering. Writing reports on what requires attention and what to do is one rewarding part of the project. Seeing it through to completion is even better.

- August 2011 - Regular Maintenance. As with all buildings, maintenance is a regular requirement. A few interesting challenges were attended to on this project.

- June 2011 - Trees. Streetscape or Hazard? What to watch out for with streetscapes. When trees do not add positively to the environment.

- April 2011 - Planter Boxes: It's Not Just About the Plants. So you think it’s about the plants? Well the type of plants make all the difference with the expensive re-waterproofing of this planter box.

- February 2011 - Concrete Maintenance. See what happened on this project where the concrete cancer, in places, extended well in from the edges of some balconies.

- December 2010 - My Shed! A small job around the house can sometimes have more challenges than you think.

- October 2010 - Structural Report and Certification. Certification of existing retaining walls. Are they okay or not? Why?

- August 2010 - Routine Maintenance. Where do you start, which repairs do you do first, how and why?

- June 2010. I would love a view like this one at work. A very challenging site to build a bath house on though. Should be constructed by December 2010.

- April 2010. How do you stop a 150 tonne gantry crane travelling at 2 metres per second?

- February 2010. A 40m high chimney needed some serious footings to keep it stable. See how we handled this project.

- November 2009. Getting the job done - on time. 

- September 2009. How to hang from the trusses – properly.

- July 2009. Things don’t only lean in Pisa.

- May - June 2009. Ouch! This could hurt.

- March - April 2009. How do I know for sure? Needing more space, having heavy machinery and needing to know if a new premises was suitable – all went smoothly...and so it should...find out how.

- January - February 2009. Insufficient cover – sometimes things don’t quite go to plan on site.

- November - December 2008. Imagine a four story home....Like this!

- September - October 2008. Storage racks, Penrith. What is the best way to be storing stock on racks?

- July - August 2008. Market awning upgrade. Sometimes existing buildings get passed their use by dates.

- April 2008 - Air conditioning platform, Central Coast. A simple air conditioning platform knowing how and where to place it on an existing structure with minimal impact was the biggest challenge. 

- March 2008 - Small extension, Greystanes. Just a small extension, how hard could it be? Or how many challenges can you have?

- February 2008 - Pipe excavation, Burwood. Trench excavation and workplace safety, road traffic, shoring, excavators, trenches - How would you know for sure that it's safe working in an excavated trench?

- December 2007 - Bridge Maintenance, Sydney. Lifting 13 Tons, 50m above a river with many restrictions isn't the criteria. We have for every job see what else was involved.

- November 2007 - Medium Density developments, Schofields. When all you build is town houses, you do get it down to a fine art, this builder has.

- October 2007 - Residential Extension, Lindfield. Extend, or knock down and rebuild? Sometimes its difficult to know which is best, see the result on this project.

- September 2007 - Industrial Building Repairs, Smithfield. This building needed fixing and obviously had a problem. We’ve fixed it now of course. But what was the problem? Why wasn’t it obvious?

- August 2007 - New industrial building. Another 2750 square metre warehouse with an office? Not quite so, but that’s what made this project more interesting to design. See if our review does it justice.

- July 2007 - New residential structure, Windsor. What does your dream home look like? An interesting review of a large single level residence built on acreage.

- June 2007 - Charles St Weir, Parramatta. Repairs to concrete degradation. What do you do when a valuable concrete structure shows signs of aging? Unique solution to a unique structure.

- May 2007 - VAE (Virtual Army Experience) SuperShowDome, USA - Various locations. Being assembled on many sites throughout the USA, it was very important to ensure that the SuperShowDome would be installed safety, especially under the more challenging local conditions.  Current projects – See a sneak preview of some more projects we are working on.

- November 2006 - New industrial complex, Ingleburn. This industrial duplex brought many interesting challenges (beyond providing just the structural requirements). 

- August 2006 - Industrial building upgrade, Campbelltown. ‘How do you remove columns from an existing portal frame building – especially two columns in a row? And, how do you do this when they support crane rails?’

- May 2006 - X Box ShowDome at Melbourne Commonwealth Games. The biggest challenge on this project was overcoming lack of existing standards and specifications for safety governing compliance for this type of structure.

- February 2006 - Impressive residence and 18m crane rail truss preview. Take a look at this large well built and impressive residence. Preview an 18m truss supporting crane rails - for up to 50 ton of load.

- November 2005 - Foundation details for installation of machinery. This industrial project focused on the detailed specification of foundation details for installation of a large cardboard corrugating machine.

- August 2005 - Townhouse/Villa Development. This medium density development in Polding Street, Fairfield Heights was constructed by one of our clients and is very well presented.

- May 2005 - St Spyridon College. A new building for St Spyridon College at Maroubra is now complete and I would like to share some of the challenges with you.

- February 2005 - Action Suzuki. From eyesore to icon. See the steps we took to turn this property into high profile billboard for the occupier.

- November 2004 - Two Featured Projects
1. Smithfield – Warehouse Pre-cast Panel Penetration
Not only do all jobs have to be safe, but some must look safe.
2. Smithfield – Concrete Paving to Storage Area
This site had been well overdue for a facelift as the simple task of retrieving material meant driving a forklift on wet road base.

August 2004 - Pools and Ladders
1. Concrete Backyard Pool - Gladesville
With a backyard like this the only thing missing was a pool. See how we executed the design.
2. Safety Rails & Ladders - Greenacre
Some jobs although technically straightforward can be quite involved. These photos speak for themselves.

- May 2004 - Car Yard Redevelopment. From a "tin shed" to a modern car sales yard on the Hume Highway.

- February 2004 - Citroen Parramatta Refurbishment. This project shows an amazing transformation of a dilapidated building into a very modern and appealing automotive showroom.